We are here to fill the gap between where you are today and where you dream to be in the future. 


When the world is going through pandemic hardships, where many companies are holding hard to strive their existence, WINZEX brought together enthusiastic software designers and developers under one roof for a new beginning with a crusade to explore their talents and at the same time make their work count. 



WINZEX software solutions is rated one of the best customer friendly service providers for digital marketing. We have an experienced team and provide services like search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, social media optimisation and social media marketing ect..,.


For a company to be successful, depends on best CRM tools in order to hasten your ROI in the world of competition. We are the best in providing soft ware solutions to both Business to Business and Business to customer companies. Our CRM services include extensive business analysis, evaluation of best possible CRM platform, relocation to present day CRM systems, and user operating training.


WINZEX is happy to oblique our customers to sustain with the new trends and attain spirited ROI. We deal with converting crude information to useful data. We support reimagined business models with innovation working together with our customers. Our services include business analytics, data mining, data visualisation, data tools. This helps the startup business to make more ROU through data driven decisions. 


 Efficient website and mobile app development helps in increasing your traffic. This not only helps the customers engage with easy navigation but also provide superior user experience. The latest development in mobile apps helps to build strong customer base. WINZEX is specialised in targeting mobile audience by providing poignant solutions. We provide quick and cost effective solutions and can customise according to the customer’s needs.


The latest advancement in software solutions is the cloud technology which is a bit challenging, but not to our expert team who work hard in cracking the challenges that come their way. Migrating the business infrastructure to cloud drastically reduces the organisation’s expenditure which will in turn increase the ROI. We provide effervescent cloud computing solutions along with predictive analytics for your business data.

  • Why choose WINZEX software solutions 
  • We have an exclusive research and development team at WINZEX who gather all the requirements to provide our customers with apt solutions, that gives a competitive edge among others in the market.
  • We are known to deliver the best software solutions to the customers before the designated timelines. 
  • They say best listeners give the best solutions to satisfy your needs. Our IT team is such that they understand your business requirements and turn them to reality.
  • At WINZEX, We aim at small and mid sized businesses to achieve their goals in becoming tycoons in their respective fields and at the same time extend our services to many of the large corporations too.
  • Once you choose WINZEX software solutions, we deal with your problems by owning them in finding solutions which makes us stay at the top of to choose list.


WINZEX software solutions is the pioneer in IT consulting and outsourcing companies. We extend our services to organisations to enterprise business solutions, designing and developing mobile applications and web apps, digital marketing etc,,.

We are creative 

WINZEX software solutions is ground breaking with our innovative IT business solutions with largest customer base. 

Our chimera

Our main a is to turn your dreams into reality with our distinctive and outstanding solutions. 

Our accomplishments 

Our investment is your confidence in us where in you believe in us that we provide best software solutions to your firm. Bringing success to your company is what we care about. 

We have satisfied and happy client base in the below industries 

  • Healthcare
  • Banking
  • Manufacturing 
  • Retail
  • Tele communication 
  • Insurance 
  • Public services 
  • Marketing 
  • Advertisements